What is Pitchteen 2.0?

Pitchteen 2.0 is all about inspiring young girls and womxn in business and tech field. In this competition, you have to come up with a business idea (involves tech), make a business plan and a visual prototype for it. We aim to reach to every single person in this community who has the business potential in themself.

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone who identifies themself as a womxn and is in either high school or college student is welcome to participate.

How does this competition work?

Pitchteen 2.0 is a virtual startup competition for womxn in teams of 1-4 will develop a startup idea and develop a business plan. You must submit a new and unique project idea. Applicants are required to submit a business plan (4-7 pages), a visual prototype (Figma, Framer, Wix or handcoded) and a pitch video (min 2 mins)

How much does it cost?

Nil, nothing, nada. The competition is absolutely free. Just bring your enthusiasm and you're good to go!

What can I create?

We don't have the "tracks" so you're free to create anything. However, refrain from submitting the ideas such as jewellery brand or srunchies. While they're really cool, this is a tech startup competition so we expect something tech-y and innovative.

What if I don't have any business idea?

That is totally okay! We'll have a lot of brainstorming sessions that might help you come up with one. Just apply, take a seat and let your journey of the potential entrepreneur begin

Can I continue on a past project?

You can brainstorm the idea beforehand but to ensure fairness, we would want you to create from the scratch.

Is project submission a requirement?

No. We understand that it might be difficult for people who are getting their entrepreneurial side out for the first time and may not be ready to submit a whole idea. In such case, you can either only submit the idea or just attend our workshops and absorb all the knowledge!

How do I talk to mentors and the team?

We have our discord server. You can talk to the mentors in the #connect-mentors channel. We'll also have a channel that'll be exclusive to for your team to make communication easier.

What is the judging criteria?

Our judging crietria includes: